Session: Fall II (Nov 04-Jan 01)

Did you know that most Americans gain 6 to 8lbs of unwanted weight during the holiday
season? Our Wellness Center has designed an incentive program for you to beat the
Maintain & Not Gain is a 7-week program starting the week of November 14.
This is your set up week! Then we start the week of November 21st.
You will meet with one of our Wellness staff, design a weekly plan for exercise
and weigh in. At the end of each week you will weigh-in and touch base with the Wellness Staff to
see how you did on your plan for exercise.
You can attend Mindful Body for free during this 6weeks!

Each week, you’ll have the potential of winning
2 raffle tickets toward great prizes:
One ticket for maintaining your weight within 2 lbs
One ticket for sticking with your weekly plan.
This gives you the opportunity to end with 14 raffle tickets!

Register at the Member Service Desk. Registration ends Dec 15
M: $15.00 NM: $20.00