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Make Your Best Day: A Movement and Meditation Workshop Series with Beth T.

Monday and Wednesday  7:00 Р8:00am in Studio 2
Series session: 7/22 – 8/14 (no class on 7/31)

Start your day with clarity and intention! During each class of this seven-class series, you will move your body gently to wake up the joints and bring mobility into the spine. Also spend time journaling and meditating to invite quiet spaciousness and develop a gentle and kind relationship with yourself and your thoughts. Set an intention not only for the class but for the entire day so you can live with more mindfulness and awareness.  Movement, meditation, intention-setting = simple ways to make your best day!

A minimum of 6 participants will be required to run this series. If we meet this minimum with pre-registrations for the series, we will accept drop-ins.

Pre-registration deadline is 7/15
Members: $30
Non-members: $50 (no day pass required)
Drop-in rate: $8/class*
*Non-member drop-ins will need to purchase a day pass in addition to paying the drop-in rate for the workshop.

Event Timeslots (2)

Series runs 7/22-8/14

Series runs 7/22-8/14