Hampshire Regional YMCA


One way to combat negativity—self-talk or from others—is to challenge and re-frame those comments in a neutral or positive way. Sometimes negativity may be a lack of perfection, and this can be challenged, too! Take the negative or perfectionist comments below and rewrite them to be neutral or even positive. You can do this by writing them down, saying them out loud, or saying them in your head. Doing it aloud or on paper is more effective than just thinking it. Do this as many times as you want. Once you’ve practiced with these, come up with some of your own negative self-talk and challenge those. It doesn’t have to be about your body, either. First, ask yourself—is this really true? Then, challenge it!

Let’s build up your positivity muscle!

Example: “I hate my big thighs.”

  • Turn-arounds/reframes: “My thighs have a lot of great muscle that help me do all of those awesome climbs in cycle class!”
  • “I’m glad I have powerful legs to get through my training session later today!”
  • “My thighs are muscular and powerful, I’m so glad that I have this muscle so I can do box jumps.”

Negative thoughts to challenge:

  • I hate being fat/big
  • My cellulite is gross
  • These stretch marks are so unsightly
  • My waist should be smaller/I wish I had a smaller waist
  • I’m too old/big to wear that
  • Why couldn’t I finish that last set? I’m such a wimp
  • I’m a failure because I didn’t follow my nutrition plan
  • I don’t like being short
  • I’m not smart/talented enough to be successful
  • I’m embarrassed to ask for help, I feel so stupid
  • Why can’t I eat great all the time?
  • I have too much extra skin to show off my body
  • My wrinkles are so unsightly
  • My skin is too pale/too dark/is too pimply
  • I can’t wear shorts, my varicose veins are embarrassing
  • I don’t like lifting in the weight room, I feel like I’m too weak
  • I hate my body hair
  • My arms are too scrawny
  • I hate working out, I feel like everyone is judging me
  • My belly fat is gross
  • I hate my scars