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From the CEO: Coronavirus Update

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Hampshire Regional YMCA COVID 19 UPDATE March 11, 2020

Our YMCA is continuing to closely monitor the rapidly evolving COVID 19 situation and are following the current recommendations of our local DPH and CDC. At this time, we will remain open.   Please review our reminders and updates below:

 Restrictions to facility use:

  1. Please do not visit the YMCA if you have the following:
          1. Temperature of over 100 degrees
          2. Cough
          3. Sneezing
          4. Vomiting or Diarrhea 
  1. The Board of Health also recommends seniors and individuals with at risk conditions stay home. These at-risk conditions include:
          1. Hypertension 
          2. Diabetes
          3. Cardiovascular disease 

Postponed or cancelled events as of March 11, 2020

  • Senior Spelling Bee March 12
  • All youth teams will be notified of meet or game cancellations as they occur
  • All SACC participants will be notified if any changes occur in program

 Steam and Sauna:

  • Will be closed at end of day March 11 until further notice

 Additional Program and Facility Use Updates:

Exercise Equipment

  • Please disinfect the equipment pre and post use with our wipes or spray.
  • In addition, per DPH recommendations, we will be cleaning sections of machines at regular intervals throughout the day
      • When staff clean we ask that you kindly move to another machine if needed
      • In order for disinfectant to be effective, it needs to remain on machines for approx. 2 – 10 minutes

  Group Exercise and Yoga Class Update

  • Yoga classes will be adapted to not include use of any props. (Members are welcome to bring their own.)
  • The HRYMCA instructors will change the format of their classes to eliminate shared equipment.
  • Yoga class participants will need to bring their own mat in order to participate in class.
  • Participants should bring their own mats to any class Instructors will be adapting non-yoga/Pilates classes to eliminate the need for floor work. (Stretching, ab exercises will be offered standing or seated in a chair.)
  • Please also remember to disinfect equipment before and after use. 

 We kindly ask for your help in following the above and below:

With the constant volume of new information, we are acutely aware of the potential health and economic impact of this virus worldwide, as well as in our own community and YMCA.  We are making every effort to remain open to serve you.  We are taking precautionary measures as advised.   We ask that you continue to support our YMCA and other non-profit organizations and businesses in need during this time.  Collectively, we provide services and employment to many local individuals. Here alone, at our own YMCA, we serve almost 200 staff and 6500 members.  We recognize this is a unique time and will make every effort to provide services to those in need, which also include our staff.  We cannot do this without your financial and emotional support.  Please work together with our Y and community, so we may continue to serve you now and in the future.  Thank you.   

 Please visit the below sites for further information to help keep you and our community safe.  http://northamptonma.gov/2104/Coronavirus-COVID-19

Julie Bianco, CEO

Hampshire Regional YMCA