“Through my personal journey, I have learned how to make permanent healthy changes in my life and I look forward to sharing that knowledge with you.”

Alicia’s journey to training and teaching started in 2000 after a routine physical. At 5′-2″ and 235 lbs., her doctor warned it would not be long before obesity affected life beyond physical appearance. Testing showed precursors to Type 2 Diabetes, and the weight strain to her joints and cardiovascular system would soon leave permanent marks on lifelong health. Alicia left the doctor’s office feeling overwhelmed but ready to make a change. Starting with changes to diet, she began to lose weight. About six months into her journey she enrolled in a yoga teacher training program … and the rest, as they say, is history. Since the initial weight loss, she has trained, studied and lived a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

  • NESTA Nutrition Coach
  • Yoga and Spencer Pilates Certified
  • Star 2 Spin Instructor
  • AFAA Group Exercise Instructor
Available to train weekday mornings and afternoons, and some early evenings.