No Pain, More Gain

Andre believes everyone’s goals are as unique as individuals themselves. His mission is to help people realize the full potential that their bodies are capable of. Personal training should be personal; both in its design and the way in which it is executed. He realizes that in order to make a change, training needs to be appropriately challenging but also fun!  Simply put, if you cannot stick to the “best plan ever designed” it’s not the best plan for YOU.

Andre’s background in health and fitness has been closely tied to Martial Arts training. He loves seeing people surprise themselves when they do more than they thought they ever could. Andre understands the principals to help people perform better, look better, and feel better in their everyday lives. While he loves working with people who have a drive to improve themselves, he also understands a lot of people need help finding what motivates them.

Education and Certification

Health, Fitness, Nutrition A.S.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

CPR/AED and First Aid

Certified Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Andre is available to train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday early afternoons/evenings and some Sundays