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Hampshire Regional YMCA

For Youth Development

Nurturing the Potential of Every Child and Teen

At the Y, we recognize that successful youth development requires a holistic approach focused on achieving certain social-emotional, cognitive and physical milestones. Youth need positive adult and peer role models, and they need to feel physically and emotionally safe to thrive. The Y puts caring people in children’s lives and nurtures them along their journey to adulthood, so they can become active, thriving and contributing members of society.

Critical Social Issues Affecting Our Communities

  • Erosion in social-emotional development leading to negative youth behaviors
  • Increase in academic disparity among children and teens of different backgrounds
  • Inadequate adult and community supports

Our Shared Intent

To ensure youth realize their potential to become active, engaged, and thriving members of the community, the Y will nurture their social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development through holistic youth programming, experiences, and supports.

For Healthy Living

Improving the Nation’s Health and Well-Being

At the Y, we enhance the quality of life in our community by helping individual, kids and families improve their health and well-being. With a focus on prevention, we give people the resources and support they need, whether their goal is to maintain wellness, reduce the risk of chronic disease or reclaim good health.

Wellness Programs

Critical Social Issues Affecting Our Communities

  • Needs associated with an aging population
  • Health inequities among people of different backgrounds

Our Shared Intent

To improve lifestyle health and health outcomes in the U.S., the Y will help lead the transformation of health and health care from a system largely focused on treatment of illnesses to a collaborative community approach that elevates well-being, prevention, and health maintenance.

For Social Responsibility

Giving Back and Providing Support to Our Neighbors

At the Hampshire Regional YMCA, we are devoted to engaging and connecting all segments of our community, particularly those in underserved and isolated neighborhoods. Everyone is welcome here. We believe diversity enriches and enlivens our Y.

Critical Social Issues Affecting Our Communities

  • Increasing social isolation and disconnection from communities
  • Lack of community involvement and civic engagement (give, volunteer, and advocate)
  • Community support systems not keeping pace with changing demographics and family structures

Our Shared Intent

To foster social connectedness, strengthen support networks, and encourage investment in our communities, the Y will activate resources and engage people from diverse populations for individual and collective action.