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Hampshire Regional YMCA

Mission Expansion Campaign

Since our inception in 1880, the Hampshire Regional YMCA has expanded, grown and warmly welcomed children, families, and adults in Hampshire County. The Y’s mission is our reason for being, and the Y’s cause is our mission in action—a promise to do everything in our power to inspire the common good and make life better for individuals, families, and communities.

The Y has always responded to and served the needs in our region. Our community is a wonderful place to live and raise a family; however, the needs in our community are evolving and so must the Y.

The Y has always changed and adapted to meet the needs of local families and adults. As we emerge stronger from a global crisis and renew our commitment to serving our community, it’s time to evolve our programs and facilities to ensure we are best meeting these needs.

Traci Borowski, Board Member

Hampshire Regional YMCA History

As a globally recognized brand, with local impact, our YMCA is uniquely positioned to positively strengthen the health of our community. We have been serving the valley for 143 years (since 1880) meeting the diverse needs of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds. We are committed to ensuring equitable access to our wellness, childcare, and camping programs, providing financial assistance and free programming. We partner with other city and local organizations, working together to provide a wide range of services, complementing the work of each other. We are a volunteer-led Board of Directors and rely on the generosity of donors and volunteers who share their time, talent, and treasure to make a positive impact.

The Hampshire Regional YMCA board has a long-term vision for how we can expand and adapt to continue to serve the evolving needs of the children, families, and adults in our community.

Following years of planning, we have a long-term vision to grow our life-changing programs, build our endowment, and ensure our facilities – inside and out – provide opportunities for all.

The FOR GENERATIONS. FOR GOOD. comprehensive campaign will sustain life-changing programs, build our endowment to further solidify our financial foundation, and ensure our facilities provide opportunities for the children, youth, and adults in our community to reach their fullest potential.

Why the Y?

  • We reflect our community, we’re here to bring people together.
  • The Y exists because we all need belonging at the fundamental level. We currently have a crisis of belonging – and our YMCA helps to fill the vacuum created by social isolation.
  • What’s needed are initiatives that truly combat social isolation with enhanced belonging.
  • “If you want to make a society work, then you don’t keep underscoring the places you’re different – you underscore your shared humanity.” – Rachel Yehuda, Mount Sinai Hospital, from Junger’s Tribe
    • The YMCA helps us to do this
    • We serve from babies to elderly – all ages, backgrounds, races, and gender identities – where else do you find that?
  • Need so much more for a community to thrive: “It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community – a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the Earth.” – Thích Nhãt Hạnh

We are making progress!

Total amount raised to date

The Mission Expansion Campaign is how we will carry out our long-term vision to strengthen the Y and serve the community – today and for generations. Together we can ensure access for all, create spaces that support our kids and families, and provide a solid foundation for the future.

Total Community Investment (5-10 Years) $14,000,000

Capital Campaign – Phase 1


  • Shaded pavilion
  • Airnasium
  • Resurfaced courts
  • More shaded areas
  • New fencing
  • Updated lighting and EVs charging stations


Provide an updated, inviting, and safe environment for kids and adults to get healthy and have fun outdoors.

The size, scope, and timing of the projects and improvements will ultimately be determined by the generosity of the community in support of this effort. We are encouraged by the early support.

Our mission expansion project funders to date

Be a part of the future!

Join the Hampshire Regional YMCA Capital Campaign Committee

We have already raised over $500,000 and now need your help!
Committee members will help us to make connections, tell the Y story and ensure the Hampshire Regional YMCA remains here for years to come.

We have assembled a Capital Campaign Committee to begin raising money towards our vision. We are at the beginning of this process and are in the quiet phase of the campaign. We would love to have more committee members, if you’re interested please reach out!

The Committee will be led by CEO Julie Bianco with assistance from consulting group DBD.

To learn more about the committee, please email Julie Bianco.

More Information

Capital Campaign Brochure