Whether you are just starting out, an experienced athlete, or returning to fitness after a hiatus, my job as a trainer is to not only consider your goals, strength, and abilities, but to also look at your lifestyle and potential barriers to fitness, with the goal of helping you develop a dynamic life-long fitness program that you love.  My experience in fitness began as a way to sharpen my mental and physical abilities as a professional musician and educator.  In order to perform well and remain injury-free, I need to maintain a consistent level of fitness and range of motion.

Creating an exercise program that supports my musical goals and busy lifestyle has been the key to my own success. I’d love to help you design a program that you can not only enjoy and integrate into your everyday life, but will also help you reach your goals.

• B.A. Community Health Education & Exercise Science
• AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
• AFAA G.E.A.R. Indoor Cycling Instructor
• TRX Certified Instructor
• CPR/First Aid/AED

• Core Stability and Development
• Functional Fitness
• Injury Prevention
• Active Recovery
• TRX (Suspension Training)
• MTB and Road Cycling
• Marathon Training

Available to train by appointment.