“Good nutrition is not a diet. It is my belief that restrictive diets do not work for the majority of people because they are just not bearable over time. “

Learning to make small dietary changes that one can maintain and build upon is a sustainable path to life-long healthy eating. Erika looks forward to sharing her enthusiasm for healthy eating and her knowledge and experience as a Registered Dietitian to help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Erika can help members with nutrition related concerns from weight management to cardiac health, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and diabetes, food allergies and other dietary issues. She loves to cook, and can provide members with tried and true delicious and nutritious recipes, ideas for healthy meals and snacks, recipe modification, meal planning, and strategies to cut calories and still eat what you love.

The end goal is to adopt healthy eating habits that work for you and your family, for life.

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition
  • Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Master of Science in Plant & Soil Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Horticulture
  • CPR/First Aid
Available to train by appointment.