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Hampshire Regional YMCA

Group Exercise at the Y

We are excited to see so many of our members engaging with both our in person and virtual group exercise classes!  As we continually strive to make your Y group exercise experience both enjoyable and safe, we wanted to share several important reminders for our indoor, outdoor and virtual class formats.

For weekly updates regarding our group exercise classes, email our Healthy Living Director at lynne.zusi@hrymca.org and ask to be added to the group exercise notifications.

Outdoor Fitness

  • Outdoor Fitness classes are offered seasonally, April – October, with some pop-up classes as weather permits.
  • Check-in at the Welcome Center or via the motionvibe app before class.
  • All participants must register separately, even those in the same household.
  • If class is canceled due to weather, registered members will receive an email notification through our reservation system.  In the case of an unexpected cancelation, an email notification may not be possible.
  • Class location and any suggested equipment will be noted in the class description – for most classes, no equipment is needed.

Virtual Classes

  • Our virtual classes are offered through the Zoom platform and can be accessed through Motion Vibe with a member account.
  • While there are many benefits to virtual classes, please understand the occasional challenge will arise.  Issues with sound or video can be related but not limited to an equipment malfunction at the Y, your own device or internet connection, the Zoom platform or the Motion Vibe platform.  Issues cannot always be fixed on the spot.
  • If you need support with accessing virtual options, our membership team is happy to help when they aren’t busy serving other members!
  • Some class formats are more conducive to the virtual experience than others.  Not all of our formats are offered with a virtual option.
  • Virtual classes can be a wonderful way to sample different formats and get to know different instructor styles!  Instructors love to “see” members when they tune in for class but having your camera on is not required.