The mission of the Hampshire Regional YMCA Gymnastics Team is to educate and develop our athletes to the highest level of achievement in the sport of gymnastics. Our programs are designed to teach physical fitness, body coordination and competitive level gymnastics appropriate for the skills of each gymnast. Our mission is not only to develop the athlete’s strength and muscle structure, but also their self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline. Our goal is to make the sport of gymnastics a fun, safe, and positive activity for athletes in a positive and challenging environment led by experienced, skilled and professional coaches.

Level 1

The introductory level of our gymnastics team gives younger gymnasts with less experience the opportunity to gain gymnastics skills while also learning to be part of a team.

Level 2

Just like the upper levels of our team, we stress learning basics first at this level for safe skill progressions.  These young athletes compete in more meets so that they can get a taste of competing with less intensity.

Level 3

This is the introductory level of our upper level gymnastics team. Competition is always organized by age groups to ensure success for all.

Level 4+

The upper levels of our gymnastics team (4 – 8) compete at a higher skill level. They also travel to competitions outside our Western Area League.