The Spirit of Nationwide Membership

At the Y, we believe that positive, lasting personal and social change can come about only when we all work together to invest in our kids, our health, and our neighbors. This strengthening of community—and the realization of a Y’s full potential—has the most impact when all Ys are open to all Y members and provide safe and welcoming environments for everyone. With Nationwide Membership, members can visit any participating Y in the United States and Puerto Rico through membership at their home Y, at no additional cost.

Who Is A Nationwide Member?

Nationwide Membership is available for active, full-facility, full-privilege Y members whose home Y participates in Nationwide Membership.  (You  can find a listing of all  Ys at – please call to determine if they participate in the Nationwide Membership program.).

 What You Need To Know

  • Nationwide Membership enables Y members to visit any participating YMCA in the United States
  • Valid for active, full facility YMCA members
  • Nationwide youth members ages 10-17 must have a waiver completed by a guardian in order to visit the Hampshire Regional YMCA
  • Nationwide member visitors can visit our Y a maximum of 8 times a month.
  • Program-only participants are not eligible for nationwide membership
  • Special memberships (group homes, other agencies, etc.) are not eligible

To find a Y in another location, go to