Patti’s mission is to help her clients be prepared for every adventure life has to offer: whether it’s carrying kids, bringing in groceries, or hiking up Mt. Tom! Strong, agile bodies support all our daily activities, and training with Patti will help prepare you for your daily life. Patti will work with you to improve your cardio-respiratory health, strengthen your core muscles, and develop overall fitness.


Patti comes to the Y with an extensive background as a coach and outdoor recreation instructor with All Out Adventures, where she has acquired skills and training to design programs with adaptations for special populations such as people with disabilities and seniors. As an outdoor enthusiast, Patti loves to incorporate the outdoors into training and can design creative fitness programs to support outdoor activities for all levels of adventurers.

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • ACA Certified Kayak Instructor

  • ACA Certified Stand-up Paddle Board Instructor

  • SOLO Certified Wilderness First Aid

  • CPR, AED and First Aid

  • NFHS Certified Coach

Available to train by appointment.