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Hampshire Regional YMCA

“I train systematically, and I’m excited to collaboratively build a program to best help you accomplish your goals.”

Whether your goals are short or long-term, focused on health, or focused on performance, your goals are worth pursuing.

My areas of expertise are powerlifting and barbell strength training. I’ve been powerlifting for four years, but I’ve always been a competitive athlete. I played highly competitive travel team soccer in high school and was an NCAA collegiate soccer player, so I also have lots of experience with fitness from an athletic performance perspective. After a snowboarding accident in which I broke a vertebra in my back, it took months of carefully structured physical therapy and programming to get me back to strength training. During this recovery process, I came to understand that fitness is not just about results. Fitness is a pursuit, not a destination, and my job is to help you find a fitness practice that is enjoyable, sustainable, and gets you to your goal, injury-free.

  • NCCA accredited ACTION-CPT Certification

  • CPR/First Aid/AED Certified

  • Powerlifting Coach

Available to train on Monday afternoons, Tuesday evenings, Wednesday afternoons, Thursday mornings, Friday mornings, and Sunday all day