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Hampshire Regional YMCA

Youth Basketball

Rookies Basketball (Ages 5-6)

This class is meant for active children who are ready to begin learning sport specific skills like dribbling, passing, shooting and more. Participants will also gain an increased understanding of the rules of basketball and the concept of playing on a team. This class is designed for beginners in the sport of basketball.

YBL Preseason (Ages 7-14)

Aspiring super-stars can brush up on important fundamentals during three weekly practices to help them prepare for game season. The YMCA Youth Basketball League encourages teamwork, good sportsmanship and commitment to excellence in a supportive environment. Our coaches look forward to helping young athletes strengthen their skills while building enthusiasm for leading an active lifestyle. Participation in YBL preseason does not guarantee your child’s spot in the winter YBL league.

Registration for the league will occur separately prior to the start of our winter program session.

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