Our three day camps, Camp Koala and Gymnastics Camp at our YMCA facility, and Camp Norwich in Huntington MA, provide opportunities for young people to build strong relationships and feel belonging and achievement in unique ways.

Camp Norwich

At Camp Norwich, we accomplish this through traditional day camp activities; archery, arts and crafts, swimming in Norwich Lake and more. We also host family nights, during which families are invited to see the beautiful space and enjoy dinner as a community. After, the older campers spend the night to experience what it is like to be fully immersed in the camp community for an extended period of time. Though it is difficult to quantify the benefits of a program that focuses on fostering inter-relational skills, the need in our community for understanding, acceptance and appreciation of individuality becomes more important every day. When people share a community, they become inherently invested in each another.  At that point, human nature takes over, resulting in the development of authentic caring, then responsibility, trust, and respect for one another. Campers feel what it means to belong and to be accepted, giving them space to identify their own sense of individuality. This knowledge, combined with the skill involved in accepting others wholly, translates directly into comfort and success in other settings.

Camp Koala

Located at our YMCA facility on Prospect Street, day camp for ages 3-5. Our dynamic theme-based itinerary includes coordinated events and activities sure to stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity! Whether it’s cooking, arts and crafts, or youth sports and games, we’ll provide a memorable summer experience for your youngster.

Our trained professional staff is imaginative, creative and enthusiastic. Your child will be supervised by someone who is chosen for their maturity, dedication, and their ability to be a positive role model for your child. All staff are trained and certified in Red Cross first aid and CPR. We perform extensive background checks on all staff. All swimming and gymnastics instruction are conducted by certified professional instructors.

Gymnastic Camp

All children, regardless of experience, age or ability can benefit from this amazing, dynamic sport! In order to ensure that camp is fun, challenging, and appropriate for all children, campers are grouped for age and progress level to ensure success for all.

Our Staff The most important aspect of our program is our dedicated and well trained staff. Our staff have backgrounds in the sport of gymnastics, and are trained in First Aid and CPR. We choose our staff for their maturity, and ability to be a positive role model for your child. We realize that this is the first camp experience for many of these children, so we want to provide a positive and nurturing environment for these campers to flourish.

Each week has a super-fun theme that we use in our arts & crafts lessons, games and obstacle courses. Our “Wacky Wednesdays” bring an exciting surprise each week too.