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Hampshire Regional YMCA

Personal Training

Everyone can benefit from a personal trainer—the beginner who is unfamiliar with exercise equipment, the individual who needs extra motivation and structure, the experienced fitness enthusiast seeking better results or the elite athlete looking to gain a competitive edge! Our certified trainers will design a safe, progressive and effective program that is tailored to your needs.

Contact Jennifer Allen, Senior Program Director of Wellness & Aquatics, or click the button below to fill out our Personal Training Request Form:

Personal Training Request Form

Members can register today in MotionVibe for a free 30-min personal training consult!

Log into your MotionVibe account – Select Wellness – Look for Personal Trainer Consult – Select the time slot/trainer of your preference

Personal Training Consult

Meet The Trainers

Rachel Achmad

Fitness For Life

Sawyer Levy

The Barbell Guy

Kyle Murdock

Enjoy The Process

Kara Riemer

Have Fun Moving Better

Juan Pablo Rivera

Treat Yourself Kindly

Ashton Weiss

Becoming Stronger One Rep At A Time