Personal Training

Everyone can benefit from a personal trainer—the beginner who is unfamiliar with exercise equipment, the individual who needs extra motivation and structure, the experienced fitness enthusiast seeking better results or the elite athlete looking to gain a competitive edge! Our certified trainers will design a safe, progressive and effective program that is tailored to your needs.

Contact Rachel Achmad, Wellness Coordinator, or use our:

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Meet the Trainers

Aylin Fredette

Fit. Motivated. Energized.

Erika Ladd

Healthy Eating Habits for Life

Nesser Yaseen

Strong is Beautiful

Alex Wenger

Discovering Your Strongest Self

Becky Tolomei


Alicia Wendolowski

Full Strength Fitness

Rachel Achmad

Fitness For Life

Jim Lobley

Strength+Mobility+Play=Natural Fitness

Ashley Sabourin

Proper Form, Posture and Balance

Doug Plavin

Integrating Fitness & Activity